Sunday, February 8, 2015

Why did you come to Florida?

Ahh, now this is why I came to Florida. Sunbathing in the cockpit with refreshing libations, after a long walk on the beach. That was our first walk on the beach this year!  We wonder if the jelly fish purposely go up on the beach to die or were accidently washed up there. Are they dead or going to die, or will they float away when the tide comes in. Questions of life. We also saw horseshoe crab shells and maybe one or two out in the water. Life goes on.

The walk on the beach was after a 30ish hour passage. Two hours on the helm and two hours to sleep?  I encourage all of you to do this just so we can share in our experience. While you are on the helm, be sure to turn down the temperature to 50 degrees, turn a nearby fan on high and stand on a little trampoline. For your two hours of sleep, be in a water bed with someone bouncing the bed around. I just can’t tell you how much fun it is, you must experience it.

Before the passage, we were in Tarpon Springs for a couple days. We have been there a few times and always find it enjoyable.  At first blush it is a quaint little Greek sponging community. That was truly its start. Now it is more like a tourist destination with little boutiques selling shells, sponges and soaps. It must be the cleanest town in Florida. All that being said, we keep going back.

Our original plan was to cross all the way to Pensacola, but weather and our endurance, changed all that. We bailed out early and will probably do the ICW, which will take longer, but will be easier.

Life is good. Hoping yours is also. B

As mentioned in the last post, the passage to Gulfport was cold, rainy and somewhat rocky, but took us to an anchorage just off the municipal dinghy dock.  We were happy just to curl up after dinner and have nothing to do for the evening.

Sean came to visit.  We originally met him during one of our Green Cove Springs stays.  He and his bride drove across the Florida peninsula to GCS twice to see us.  Actually, he was more interested in our old engine as a rebuild for his sailboat.

Sean picked us up at anchor and ferried us into downtown Gulfport for a stroll and them some afternoon refreshments.  We enjoyed both the scenery and the time spent with Sean.  We hoped to see him and his bride again later in the week in Tarpon Springs.  However, the flu laid him low so their visit was cancelled.  By the way, Sean was going to deliver to us some new electronic charts for our cockpit navigation system.  I guess we’ll do it later by mail.  And, if any of you ever need electronic charts, get in touch with me and I’ll give you his contact info. 

After lunch our second day in Tarpon Springs, we untied and headed out to anchor.  It was a blustery afternoon and evening, but the weather was to change overnight.  Next day was to be a 2 ½ day passage to Pensacola, but as Barbara pointed out above, it was cut in half by deciding to go to Apalachicola.  We’ll head on to Pensacola tomorrow, probably by way of the Gulf Intracoastal Water Way.  If we just putz along, it will take 4 days.

Meanwhile, back at the boat, the wine is breathing, dinner is almost done, the sun is shining in a cloudless sky, the beach we walked earlier on St. George Island is visible nearby, and a little light classical music is lending a relaxed atmosphere.  No, we are NOT interested in trading places with anyone!

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