Friday, March 13, 2015

"nothing exciting"

What do you report when “nothing exciting” has happened?

We’ve been tied to our friend’s dock since arriving in Pensacola.  It has been nice to be able to plug in the little AC electric heater on cold nights.   Several nights have been below freezing.  The heater and extra blankets make it comfortable.  Weather has been cool to cold and foggy and rainy much of the time.  We probably will not return home with a vacation tan this time.  In fact, it has been warmer in Montana many days than here.

Projects have consumed much of our time.  We (mostly Barbara) have been helping our friends with cleanup, sanding, painting and minor projects on their boat.  When we are not needed there, we have been attending to some projects and improvements to “Submit”.

We are waiting for a part to arrive from Europe.  There was a mismatch of parts connecting the transmission to the flywheel of the new engine.  This caused the transmission front seal to fail.  The seal has been replaced but the new part hasn’t show up yet so the transmission sits on a table on land instead of installed where it belongs. 

We took time off to visit the National Naval Aviation Museum at Pensacola Naval Air Station.  It is excellent.  We’ve been there twice for extended visits and still haven’t seen it all.  There are museum quality restored aircraft close enough to touch (yes, you are allowed) ranging from the dawn of flying history to modern fighter jets.  Wonderfully knowledgeable docents conduct free tours.  Displays take you into past wars and the lives of men and women who served.  Battered and eroded remains of crashed noteworthy aircraft are resurrected from scrap to like new, mostly by volunteers, many of whom were trained and served with the aircraft upon which they work.  Child oriented displays allow them hands on time in aircraft cockpits and functioning flight trainers. We heartily recommend this museum for people of all ages.  We’ll go back again to see more.  By the way, its admission is free.

Also available at NAS Pensacola is Fort Barrancas and a Spanish water fort.  Forts Barrancas and Pickens were parts of the fortifications at the entrance to Pensacola Bay.  Self guided tours, knowledgeable rangers, historical events which happened here and the structures themselves make for very interesting excursions.

This visit to Pensacola has been another reminder for us. Anywhere you are, if you look for them, there are interesting things to do and see, even if you have been to that area before.  Take the time.

Highlights of our time here have included doing what we can to help friends and time enjoying the people.  We have been able to join in neighborhood gatherings such as First Friday potluck.  Many a day has ended with stories and laughter and camaraderie, and the more than an occasional glass of wine at sunset.


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  2. Sounds like you are having fun, in spite of waiting for parts.. I did my flight training in Pensacola, and made several trips to that museum. They have a few aircraft that flew in Antarctica.

    Have fun