Tuesday, April 7, 2015

time in Gulfport 7 Apr 2015

Every year our time on Submit is different. It is really important to not have expectations. This year we have been much more relaxed and have spent more time just being here, where ever that is.  And it has been good. The main reason is the people: Tom and Bobbie, Johnny and Cindy, Betty and CA, Craig and Beth, Tex and Gloria, Janet, Terry, Pete, and most recently, Katy and Charlie, Sean and Jeannie.  If I forgot someone, blame the short term memory, not your importance.  

We have been here in Gulf Port since Friday. Sean and Jeannie cruised by and took us in for a delightful dinner. Saturday we used their car to pick up some wanted items and visit the Florida fruit winery.  We sampled grapefruit, blackberry, blueberry, guava, mango, and more. I think if they didn’t call it wine, I would have liked it better. It is fruit juice with a kick. My favorite were the orange smoothie and coffee smoothie.  There was also a fun gift shop. All in all a fun day.

The next day was Easter Sunday and we were invited to Katie and Charlie’s for dinner. Oh, my! Huge ham.  Carrots and mashed sweet potatoes Katie’s garden.  An asparagus dish to die for. Pickled okra that everyone will like.  The best pumpkin pie Reggie’s eaten in a very long time.  After dinner we learned a new card game. We came home with a belly full of food and laughs. Also a big bag of Australian spinach and couple bags of fresh herbs, a jar of pickled okra and stone crab claws.

Monday Sean and Jeannie picked us up for a day of fishing, crabbing, relaxing, laughing, and just plain enjoying the day. Reggie and I each caught a little shark and hooked some lady fish, which we encouraged to go away before even getting on the boat.  They apparently are not really lady like. Reggie brought in some trout.  They were a little small so they went back to the sea, but fun to catch.  I caught a little flounder, but it was legal, so Sean filleted it and it was dinner tonight along with the spinach, left over shrimp from last night’s dinner, potatoes with fresh rosemary. Oh, and pickled okra.

Our time is drawing to an end, so today Reggie did boat storage research and I did…aa…. whatever, but I’m sure it was important. Oh, yeah, I orchestrated that fabulous dinner and directed Reggie how to finish it.  

It gets harder to pay it forward!

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