Thursday, February 18, 2016

musings 18 feb 2016

Musings, 18 Feb, 2016

I’ve just returned from the bow, sipping a gin and tonic, enjoying the view.  Palm trees.  Blue sky with puffy white clouds.  The sun is dropping towards the sea.  Masts all around us from boats of every size and shape, some sophisticated modern cruisers, some old salts.  (the coast guard just came by , tweets of siren, pulling a dinghy over to make sure the passengers are complying with safety rules)  Pretty scenery at every point of the compass.  If we have to be “stuck”, this is a pretty good spot. 

We can always pine for better circumstances, but sometimes we need to appreciate what we have.  Sure, its closing in on three weeks we’ve been here.  We are starting to get a little antsy to go.  And my poor bride has been down sick with the crud for 4 days now, with no recovery in sight.  Maybe tomorrow.

Perhaps it is the tonic speaking, but I’m having a great time right now.  Lots of projects important to me have been done.  It looks like we may be able to leave in a couple days.  Today is Thursday.  We might cross to Bimini on Sunday or Monday.  Wish us luck on that one. 

We are excited about having one of our beautiful granddaughters (we have 3) coming to join us in the Bahamas in early April.  My bride has been working on preparations for the visit, and we still have lots of lead time to get there before she arrives.  She will be our first stay-aboard guest!

I dinghied to town today and visited a used boat parts store.  I don’t really need anything, but it was an excuse to get off the boat and leave my bride to recuperate undisturbed.  I bought nothing at the store, but on the way back, I bought a pound of fresh smoked fish dip made by a local.  He buys local fresh catch fish such as King Mackerel, smokes it at his dock and sells it locally to restaurants and individuals.  Rumor has it the dip is excellent. 

I was mildly chastised today for not posting more frequently and keeping in touch.  I’m on vacation!  Besides, it seems there is little happening which would be of interest to others.  We rise to a pot of fresh brewed coffee and listen to the weather forecast.  We breakfast while looking out on the anchorage and listening to the local cruiser’s net.  Will we go to town today?  Or not?  Will we see our friends today?  Will we leave today or stay another?  Will we meet new folks as boats come and go past us?  Will the wind blow hard enough to cause excitement as someone drags anchor?  Will our neighbor who is standing at the stern of his boat with his foot up on the pushpit, giving himself a pedicure, fall in?  Will the sheriff or coast guard stop to inspect our boat and papers?  Was there some not-to-be-missed event announced on the cruiser’s net?  Will the new solar panel and the old wind generator keep the batteries charged up enough? 

So many questions.  Perhaps it is time for another G&T and additional contemplation.


  1. Well... it's always nice to stop and appreciate the surroundings.. Sorry to hear Barb has the crud.. nothing a little gin can't cure.. Glad you are both enjoying the warm..
    Keep a weather eye...

  2. Chastised indeed!! funny. Glad to read you are living in the moment and enjoy those G & T's.
    Hope Barbara is feeling better very soon.