Monday, February 18, 2013

weeks 3 and 4

Weeks 3 and 4

We haven’t posted for the past two weeks because it would have been redundant.  We have been working daily on projects.  Things are finally coming together and we are re-assembling.  We are scheduled to launch Wednesday afternoon. And have the mast stepped on Friday late morning.  If everything checks out OK, could leave any time from Saturday on.
Today marks 4 weeks since we arrived.  We had expected a minimum of two weeks work, at a minimum, and realistically expected three, but not almost 5.  The saving grace is that we have now completed repair or replacement of every major worry items on the boat.  There are always little things and projects to be done, but nothing serious, nothing which can keep us in one spot.
The plan is still to try to head to the northern Bahamas.  We’ll have a little less time to spend there this trip, but it will still be worth it just to go.
We are tired of being “on the hard”, but we are still enjoying our time on the boat.    We have survived nights below freezing, occasional rain showers, blustery winds, a couple hot and steamy days, and lots of sunshine.  We enjoy a glass or two of Corrugated Cabernet in the evenings, and occasionally a dvd movie purchased 3 for $5 at a flea market.  Barbara still makes me smile and laugh and so far still puts up with me.  Life is good

Songs that have been running through Barbara’s mind—
“Time keeps on slipping, slipping, into the future”,
“Where, or where did that electrical wire go, oh, where or where can it be?”
“It is an ittsy, bittsy, teeny, weeny, little crowded space to fit me. That I enter for the tenth time today”
“Get your motor runnin’” I was having trouble getting the engine system figured out.

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