Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Aaaaaaaaand……..they’re off!

We were knot ready to submit, but we left anyway.  This afternoon the modified mainsail arrived, so we took off for sea trials of the new engine and didn’t go back.  We haven’t made it very far, just a couple miles.  Even so, it was far enough with the winds today that we had to don fouly jackets and had spray over the bow and even over the coach roof, just like in the movies!

We are at anchor on the St Johns River.  Barbara is happy making pork steaks and steamed green beans.  She has sorted and arranged the charts.  The refurbished Garmin 420S chart plotter and sonar is working.  The new LED anchor light is lit.  Fleetwood Mac is playing.  Wine is poured.  “Submit” floats.  Life is good!

There are still a herd of projects to complete.  We hope to get sails on tomorrow, and be able to control them with functional lines.   We are piecing together our home-made version of a bimini.  None of the sewing has been done, and on it goes.

But the new engine runs well and pushes the boat.  And the rudder I repaired all by my own self turns us.  And the mast hasn’t fallen down.  And we can actually see major portions of the decks and living areas.  And we cannot hear a grinder working on someone’s boat nor do we have grinding dust blowing on us.

The general plan is to head farther south by about 400 miles from here.  That gets us to the West Palm Beach, FL area.  From there we hope to cross over to the Bahamas.  Weather will be a factor influencing route and timing.

Folks have been asking for pictures.  I will include some below with descriptions.  Bail out now if you don’t want to be bored. 

launching without mast
crane hoisting mast to step on boat

mast and boom down for care and new standing rigging

stairs to home

midway through the rudder rebuild project

raegae boat stern

living aboard while working on her is not too glamorous

back half of same cockpit

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