Wednesday, April 17, 2013

more miles under the keel

We anchored Monday evening just off the ICW a little south of Daytona, Florida.  Below are a couple views from our boat at anchor.  Which do you prefer?

Tuesday had us motoring north to anchor outside Fort Matanzas.  Why motoring?  Headwinds, narrow channels and time constraints.  
appears to have been underwater for a long time then raised and anchored here.
water level artwork on bridge collumns

additional water level art work?

We had anchored off Fort Matanzas on our way south and were disappointed we had no time to visit it and its visitor center.  We would solve the problem this trip.

as viewed from our boat

Fort Matanzas is miniscule, but has an interesting history which includes it having been named for a massacre.

  Interesting tidbits included the average age of the soldiers way back was about 15, and anyone over 5’6” was probably automatically going to be an officer.  Look it up for an interesting read.

officer material?
We weren't aware of how dangerous it is to dinghy ashore here.
ever met a dull oyster?

After visiting the fort this morning, we traveled to just north of St. Augustine to anchor off the Guana Aquatic Preserve.  We stealthed the electric dinghy ashore to find trails and info signs.  There is an active oyster regeneration program going on here as well as other preservation activities. It was a great walk.

the view from our anchorage

Back to the boat for sundowners!

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