Friday, April 26, 2013

"Submit" is put to bed

Submit is put to bed.  She was hauled out of the water and put in storage the morning of 4/22.  Our closing up projects kept us there until 4pm.  Then, it was off to Gainesville for few hours sleep before catching our 5:20 AM flights to Spokane.  We arrived at 1:11 PM and left in the rental car to see family and spend the night in Missoula before arriving home 4/24.

I find almost 2 feet of mail stacked up on my desk and there is at least a foot of mail for Barbara.  Marie has done excellent work holding down the fort in my office.  Mike, with some help from Craig, has taken great care of Cramelot.  Stepping back into the traces is enough to make our heads spin.

Most folks don’t recognize me with long hair and big beard.  I’m not sure how long I’ll keep it, but probably not long.

Everything here seems to be unchanged.  Barbara’s 93 year old mom is doing fine and was happy to have us back nearby.  I’m surprised the car started after 3 months because I neglected to disconnect its battery before leaving.  Grass is turning green and flowers are starting to bloom.  The weather is nice, warming up into the 60’s.  We are told we must have brought it with us.  Apparently spring hasn’t been so nice here yet.

Impressions of our trip?  We were disappointed to have spent so much time on repairs and upgrades to Submit, but she is in better shape than she has been in years.  We hope/expect to have little to do to get her ready to go when we next return.  As for “Bahamas or Bust”, we made it and are glad we did even if our time was short.  Apprehension about crossing the dreaded gulf stream is over.  Seeing places like New Plymouth and Hope Town and Man-O-War Cay, was enjoyable, but our favorite times were spent anchored off uninhabited islands and exploring them and their sand beaches. 

Future plans?  We expect to go back to Submit early next year to do some more traveling in the islands.  Meanwhile, we will be heading to the San Juan Islands for a couple weeks next month.  We hope/plan to sail to Ben and Stacey’s wedding.  Wish us luck with that.  Then, we return home to prepare and launch “Knot Ready” for the summer sailing season on beautiful Flathead Lake.  And firewood gathering.  And projects at the old hunting cabin.  And firewood gathering.  And…
in case you cannot see it, on what appears to be a tanker, "Protect The Environment
No Smoking"

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