Saturday, March 22, 2014

Arrived in Hatchet Harbor on Saturday night. Dropped anchor with a trip line because the cruising guide said there were lots of sunken boats from hurricanes. There was music on shore to welcome us. It started out as miscellaneous Caribbean songs and familiar songs remade with a calypso backbeat.  Sometime during the evening, it sounded like the local school pep band arrived to do a set which consisted of about a 30 minute calypso rendition of “Battle Hymn of the Republic”. We spent a pleasant evening.

In the mid morning, while we were chasing down some slightly unpleasant odors from the food lockers, a helpful person in a dingy cruised by to let us know we had anchored in the main channel and a giant catamaran would be coming in around 6 PM. It was suggested we might want move, perhaps to pick up a mooring ball before that happened. We finished sopping up the rotten boxed soup broth and discarding the rotten eggs and moved. A large fuel boat came in and then the big cat ferry. Had we not moved, I’m guessing we would be boat jam!

Our plan for Monday was to go rent a car to explore the island. After a leisurely morning we headed to town to explore and then rent the car. We worked up quite a sweat on our walk! Well, actually, we had been sweating for hours before the walk started. Spoke to a local, who was cleaning a bunch of fish. He had been fly fishing at Rainbow and had a variety of fish. The next stop was at a gazebo on one of the docks in the harbor to sit and relax in the shade and breeze. Another local joined us. He was, of course, friendly and answered any questions we had. We asked both where we might rent a car. The fisherman gave us directions to the Shell gas station.  The guy at the gazebo gave us directions to the grocery, which was closer than the Shell station. We went to the grocery store. We purchased a couple cool drinks and inquired about the cars. The lady who knows about the cars wouldn’t be in until 3:30, so we ended up hoofing it to the Shell station after all, only to find that all the cars are out. One may be available tomorrow. Plan B

Headed back to the boat. Sprits off with cool water and air dry. Games, reading, napping. Then Reggie worked on our companionway doors, (which involved dragging out the skill saw, drill, bits, clamps, spare lumber to use as a rip fence, spare hardware, screws and moving “stuff” in the cockpit so the table could be used as a cutting table). Now I will clean the sawdust, salt and other grutt from the cockpit. By the time I get that done, it will be time to go to "Miss Grace" for a sundowner.

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