Saturday, March 29, 2014

windy wait in Warderick Wells

Windy Wait in Warderick Wells

We arrived in Warderick Wells on Saturday late afternoon. On Sunday we did a loop walk up to Boo Boo Hill, which was mentioned in a previous post. The snorkeling was postponed due to some minor after effects of the midnight bad alcohol misadventure. Monday afternoon we went ‘next boat’ to visit with Diane and Warren on Kalara II. They are from Nova Scotia and have spent much time around here. To our surprise and delight, Warren used to own a Cal T2. He is also a racer.

On Tuesday, we awoke to rain, so we washed the deck, took showers and collected a few gallons of water. Diane and Warren came over for some cribbage and they showed us some of their favorite places to visit on the Exuma charts. The wind generator is working hard.

Wednesday is another windy day, a good day to hike. Our plan was to follow the trails that go from beach to beach on the bank side and hopefully go as far as the ‘adventurer’s’ ruins. We had to start out by following the trails we took on Sunday as far as Shady Tree Trail, which is a nice easy walk through thick palm trees. That took us to the other side of the island, which is mostly cliffs and crashing seas. We followed rock carins  as best as we could, but did not see the trail back to the bank side. Turns out that was a good thing. The hike along the cliffs was spectacular. We didn’t know there was a trail down that side of the island. Maybe because it isn’t really a trail? We finally came to the ‘Wall’, which reminded us of the rock walls on the islands on Croatia. We never did figure out what their purpose was. The ruins reminded us of the little stone ‘house’ remains we found in Majorca. We are now on the banks side and picked our way down the trail to the first beach. Had we not gotten lost and attempted the ‘beach walk’ first, we would have decided that it was not for us. The trails between the beaches were often nonexistent. We had to squeeze through thick foliage, being careful not to brush up against a Poisonwood tree. We scrambled over black limestones that are rough and sharp. They look a lot like lava rock. We climbed up and down hills on our hands and knees. All in all it was a great day.

The next day was R&R.  My feet and legs were fine, but I kept falling asleep. Reggie is reading a book out loud and that always puts me to sleep. I don’t understand that, as I love it when he reads to me. We watched a movie and crashed.

The next morning we awoke to windy weather. Diane and Warren had been worried about us, as they had not seen us. They had called us on the cruiser’s party line telephone, more commonly known as VHS, and gotten no response. The constant chatter had been too much, so we would turn ours off occasionally. We ate an early dinner and then joined them on Kalara II for chatting and a game of Farkle. I am happy to report that I am the Queen of Farkle.

Today I convinced Reggie to help me clean our ‘garage’ (the V berth). That was a big job and took most of the morning. We then took the dingy into the park headquarters to pay for a couple more nights and some internet. No real idea when we might leave here. Maybe Sunday. We are able to purchase 24 hours 100 mgs of data of internet for $15. It turns out that doing a post eats up most of it. This may or may not get posted, and if so, not any time soon. If you don’t see it, it didn’t get posted. Ha, ha.

About once a month, I ‘refresh’ our composting head. It was a little early, but it was sending out hints that it might be time. Much to my dismay, we discovered the problem was the little fan was not working. A wire had disconnected. No problem, in our wisdom we had acquired an extra. Aren’t we smart? Unfortunately, both wires on the replacement fan had corroded.  My McIver worked and worked. I’m hoping that sleeping on it will work again, but not much hope.

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  1. I always write my posts in word first, and then I just post it when it is done. Saves the data as the backend of the page isn't constantly updating and saving. Great meeting you guys!