Sunday, March 3, 2013

An old saw

There is an old saw…

And why were those old sayings called saws?

Anyway, the saw says head south until the butter melts.  Well, we’re not there yet.  If we had any butter on board, you would need a chisel to get any off the block.  It was cold and windy day today.  Last night and tonight carry freeze warnings.  Sure would like some melted butter!  But, we are farther south and getting nearer to toast heaven.

She's ready now to come out of the boat to help raise anchor

We are at anchor tonight just south of the Titusville, FL bridge.  There is a small fire in the heat stove (we’ve yet to figure out fuel mixtures for it), and the spaghetti and Chateau l’Carton was tasty.  Barbara gave me a cribbage lesson and now we relax.

Yesterday we stopped in Daytona to See Mike and Diane and their recent shipwreck.  It breaks a sailor’s heart to see a pretty boat with a hole in the bottom and the insides moldering away after being flooded.  So many things were ruined by the salt water.  However, 15 gallons of diesel were still good and they gave it to us.  Thanks again!  They are hardy souls who are already planning on their next boat.
When visiting them, we tied up to the next door restaurant’s dock.  After viewing the carnage we went to said restaurant for lunch.  By the time lunch was over, a stiff wind had come up pinning us hard against the dock.  We could have figured out how to get away from the dock, but at the risk of possible damage to “Submit” and/or other boats nearby.  So, we decided to wait for the wind to abate, which it did not until after dark.  The night at the dock was OK, but we left as soon as we could this morning in part because similar winds were predicted for today and we did not want to be pinned again. (The truth is I was worried and Reggie graciously agreed to stay put. It was no better this morning and so we followed his plan, which worked very well. All would have been fine if we had pushed off last night. Oh me of little faith.)

Night before last we anchored near shore and inflated the dinghy. This gave us our first dinghy ride with the electric trolling motor for propulsion.  We landed near lots of signs warning of no trespassing on private property.  A nice staff person at a condo complex gave us permission as long as it was only going to be a couple hours. Mike and Diane picked us up and went for dinner.

Continuing on backwards. We anchored by the Matanzas Fort. It was really quite beautiful and I planned to take a picture of it in the sunset for this post. However, it was east of us and the sun didn’t set behind it. What’s up with that?

Our first anchorage (after really leaving Green Cove Springs) was at the mouth of the St. John’s River. It was quite entertaining with numerous dolphins swimming around us and the HUGE ships passing close by. I did take a picture of some dolphins, but they are on my iphone and I don’t know how to transfer them to this. You will just have to picture those non-pictures in your mind. Enjoy.

Some of our scenery is included below:

one of our beautiful sunsets (look closely for dolphins)

condomoneyums, for boats, too!

Open Sesame for us

local decorations.  I wonder if they ever catch anything besides tourists?

This jerk came roaring past us with his 20 ft high rooster tail almost drenching us

Bird Island?

small screened in porches for evening enjoyment
We see areas where one side of the waterway is is almost impenetrable and wild and undeveloped.  The opposite side may have multi-million dollar homes next to old shacks next to modest homes next to fishing camps full of RV's, and boats of all kinds everywhere.  

And one mystery: why is it only males like spam?  I thought buttermilk pancakes with bacon Spam made a fine breakfast last Saturday when combined with fresh local grapefruit and fresh percolator coffee.

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