Sunday, March 10, 2013

The saga continues

The engine repair is completed.  We are having some additional work done tomorrow, but should be traveling again by Tuesday. We have continued to putter on projects while delayed, however yesterday was a red letter day for Barbara.

Old curtains and old cushions

new curtains and new temporary cushions
 More pictures at the end.

Our time dwindles.  We have a few days travel and then must wait for the weather to cooperate for us to cross the gulf stream.  Then, we must allow time to travel back to where the boat will be hauled for storage.  And, we must allow time to wait for proper weather for crossing back over the gulf stream.  This lead to the start of discussions this morning about when would we decide to go/not go to the Bahamas.  Projects and problems have put us almost a month behind our hoped for schedule dreamed up when we were planning this trip.

We have to be back in Gainsville on 4/22 to catch our flight to Spokane at 5:25 AM on the 23rd.  

As we continue south, we have a stop planned in Stuart to see Kirk.  We should be there Wednesday afternoon.  Travel Thursday would get us to the jumping off spot around West Palm Beach, Fl.  However, it looks like the weather changes this weekend to make crossing the gulf stream a bad idea.  We could be waiting for days.  Would a worst case have us crossing over around March 20th or later?

When we come back, if we go back to Green Cove Springs, we must allow up to a week for travel AFTER crossing back to Florida from the Bahamas.  We should allow at least a week to adjust for a weather window for a crossing.  That means we should plan on trying to cross back starting around the 7th of April.

Tentative worst case has us only being able to spend 2 ½ weeks in the Abacos, baring other delays or problems.  Is that worth it?  So far, we say yes.  But, rest assured, the question will be revisited.

We are anxious to do the crossing.  We want to see the Abacos.  We have friends cruising there we would like to try to join.  We think we have done everything needed to get the boat ready.  This would be a shakedown cruise for next time.  We deserve it!!!!

So, thanks for “listening” to the discussion. We are a little closer to a plan now.

For now we are cruising the Florida coast, because where ever you go, there you are. Yesterday, we walked to town to visit the farmers market. We could have purchased fresh produce from Mexico and Guatemala. Isn't it amazing how far a farmer will go to sell produce?

We walked through a couple of neighborhoods and read about some of the historical houses. Back on the boat, as Reggie mentioned, I drug out my flea market machine and ‘clanked’ the curtains together. Reggie worked on our bimini. Al and Missy graciously picked him up for a run to West Marine for the needed pieces. Today we will continue work on it. The weather is warming up, so we will be happy to have some shade. Tonight we are going to check out the Celtic Song Fest. Corned beef and cabbage dinner will also be available. Let the fun continue!

our view from the boat towards the Melbourne Yacht Club clubhouse.  Pretty nice digs.

more of our surroundings while at the yacht club

peroxide pelican?

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