Friday, March 8, 2013

We've moved

Today we moved from the Melbourne Yacht Club to Eau Gallie Boatworks, courtesy of Tow Boat US.  We greatly appreciate the hospitality of MYC.  Every one there is most gracious.  However, we had to leave.  MYC is repairing their docks and are starting with the outboard ends which is where we were tied.  They are also having racing events this weekend and need all their available dock space.

Eau Gallie Boatworks is the local distributor and repair facility for our brand engine.  When Ed came to our boat this morning to do the repair, he found he needed tools he only had available at the boatyard.  This became an additional reason for us to move.

The parts requiring attention were removed quickly after arriving at the club.  The problem is a little more difficult than expected and may require either a machine shop or an additional new part.

And now it is the weekend.  So, I guess we get to sit parked for a few more days.  As Barbara was informed this morning, a cruiser’s plans are carved in jello.

We’ll go to a farmer’s market tomorrow morning and then work on a boat project or two.  Barbara might even sew some curtains!

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