Saturday, March 12, 2016

Bimini March, 2016

We are getting ready to say good bye to Bimini. We arrived on Wed. morning over a week ago. Most of the other boats here also arrived around that same time. The wind started blowing quite hard from the east soon after our arrival. It is suppose to let up and clock a little further south, so it is time to say good bye. Almost everyone will be untying and slipping away tomorrow. Right now Reggie is meeting with the others to go over the charts, share opinions and options. Some of these friends we may never see again, some we may run into down the road, this year or in years to come.

Today we practiced the mass get away, in a small scale. Nine dinghies, some carrying more people than they were designed to carry, followed our leader, Dan, in his small motor boat to East Bimini, which is really just mangroves.  I’m sure everyone felt like we were baby ducks following our mother. During high tide you can carefully snake your way through to a memorial to Martin Luther King. There is a platform and a statue of him there. Why? You may ask. This is where he came to write his last speech. One of our group had a recording of that famous speech which he played while we were there. It was quite a touching experience.  From there we continued on to a beach for a lunch snack and then hurried home before we were stranded there in low tide.  When we arrived home, everyone got busy stowing the dinghies and everything else for the expected passage tomorrow.  Each evening there has been a gathering here in the marina of boat people to meet, greet, share whatever treats show up, etc. Tonight our evening sundowner is expanding to a full blown potluck.

But I digress. Since we last posted, we visited the Dolphin House. It is an amazing structure built by Ashley Saunders almost completely from recycled materials and stuff he has found on the beach. He is an amazing man. Just a few of his accomplishment: taught school here after getting his degree in the states, wrote the history of Bimini in two volumes, “because there wasn’t one”, published short stories and poems, artist, and master builder.  We took too many pictures to show them all, but here are a few:

There are car license plates from every state in the union.  Barbara looking at the Montana plate which happens to be from Flathead county where we live.

Barbara in one of the guest rooms he rents out.

Pieces of trash transformed into art.

And Reggie gets a clippin'.

Thanks, Marilyn!

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