Tuesday, March 29, 2016

from George Town, Exumas

From George Town, Exumas, 28 March 2016

It has been a long time since we did a write-up.  We left Bimini to cross on the north route across the Great Bahama bank to Bimini.  Sailing was quite good, taking us to an open water anchorage at day’s end.  No land as far as the eye could see and perhaps 15 feet of water.  Next day provided a nice sail to anchorage outside Chub Cay.  Sundowners and snacks with friends on their boat.  A relatively quiet night at anchor.

Next day, we moved to Frazer’s Hog Cay to anchor along with our cruising buddies.  Barbara proclaimed this day to be the first day she really felt she was in the Bahamas.   We dinghied ashore to a deserted beach, hiked a ways to explore ruins, she snorkeled, we went back to the boat and swam in crystal clear waters.  I dove under the boat to cut away some fishing line which had wrapped around the propeller at Rodriguez Key in Florida.  Barbara was going to do it but floats too well and kept banging her head on the hull until she almost drowned laughing at herself.

By this time, because of the delays we had experienced due to weather, we decided to forego cruising stops and head to George Town, Exumas as quickly as possible so as to be there when our granddaughter arrives.  This meant parting ways with Gust-O, our traveling companion of almost two and a half months.  They would cruise a while in the Berries, and then head home.

We motorsailed to the west end of New Providence Island for a night at anchor, then on to Norman Cay in the Exumas.  From there we motored to Staniel Cay for a night and another evening of sundowners on a friend’s boat.  We also spent quite a while motoring in circles at Staniel Cay while waiting our turn to top up with diesel.

Next day we motored to near Cave Cay to anchor, but it was quite blustery so we chose to take a slip overnight at Cave Cay Marina, a most well protected little marina with not much for services, but an adequate shower!

The following day allowed us to sail and motor sail to Elizabeth Harbor and George Town, Exumas.  We arrived two weeks early for our granddaughter’s visit, but glad to be here.  We’ve been into George Town once to go for a walk and buy some supplies.  We’ve done a little beach walking and attended an Easter pig roast at the “Chat ‘n’ Chill”.  It started at noon, but the pig was all gone by the time we arrived mid afternoon.  We ordered alternative food for a late lunch.  Between the large crowd in attendance, the great weather, island time, waiting in line to order and waiting for the meals, it was about two hours before we received our food.  No need for dinner that night. 

Today we walked the beach and chatted with several other cruisers and enjoyed a cold Kalick beer.  Tomorrow we will move across the bay to nearer George Town so we will have easier access with our power challenged dinghy.  Barbara says it is laundry time and we need to catch the ride to the place which sells meat.  Also, we’ve decided to try to leave “Submit” here for the next 9 months, so I need to go to customs to see why they issued me a 6 month visit permit instead of the usual 12 month.  I’ll bet there is money involved.

Barbara has been cleaning and arranging in preparation for our granddaughter’s arrival even though it is still a week away.  We are excited but concerned about weather while she is here and activities and meals she might enjoy.  We’ve never had a guest for a whole week before!

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