Tuesday, March 1, 2016


1 Mar, 2016
We spent three nights on a mooring ball in Coconut Grove, doing cruiser things like learning the local bus system so we could go to West Marine and Napa.  We are at anchor off Key Biscayne this evening, waiting until 10pm to haul anchor and head to Bimini.  It will probably be a motor trip all the way, but at least we will have made the crossing.

While in coconut Grove, we saw manatees up close and personal, even watching them browse the shoreline.

On our Key West visit so many days ago, Barbara checked off a bucket list wish to visit a butterfly habitat.

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  1. Have a great trip to Bahamas. I have one of my boats moored in Dinner Key, is an old french Edel catamaran 33 ft, is in mooring 41. Maybe next time I could take you guys to lunch if you are back to Dinner Key or Crandom Park Marina where my CAl39 is in a mooring.
    Take care