Sunday, March 18, 2012

Aaand there they go! 3/17/2012

I was awake at 4:30 am, working on the computer before 5, starting the coffee around 6.  Barbara was able to sleep in. 
She fires up first try!  So did the engine when we left later!
Barbara had her first cup of coffee delivered to her in her berth, did some Sudoku on her Nook, and her morning computer chores.  I slaved away preparing our breakfast of cold cereal and bananas.  We marveled again at our delight at having a manual a trash compactor for our refuse.
We loaded up the spare rudder ( how many of you sailors sail with a spare rudder?), then returned the U-Haul truck to the local pet store.  They were baby-sitting a bird which talks.  It kept whistling for and calling the dog.  A fellow came in with a blue healer who was going crazy trying to figure out what to do and where to go.
Back at the boat, a little cleanup, fire up the iron genoa, cast off the lines and away we go!  We had a calm day motoring about 33 miles to Georgetown, Sc, arriving just before the thunder storm.  We were told there are lots of alligators but that’s a croc!  Didn’t see one.
For most of the day a sail would have been useless.  For about an hour, though, it would have been great.  Too bad we have not had time to hank them on.  The gib will be added soon.  The mainsail is questionable due to damage from our sailing in the Chesapeake.
We are the rarity as we head south.  All the other cruisers are headed back north for the summer
One problem for the day was Horde of the Flies!  We traversed a section of the Waccamaw River where there were bunches of huge nasty horseflies attempting to get us.  I’m not sure of Barbara’s score, but for me, horseflies 2, Reggie 5.
Barbara made us a tasty hors d’ouvres  of sharp cheddar with turkey pepperoni on toasted sandwich thins cut to cracker size, serve with Goslings Black Seal rum straight up. 
She just finished cooking pork chops, steamed asparagus, and cauliflower mashed in the manual food processor with cream cheese, to be served with wine.
Several folks have asked to have pictures included with the updates.  We may attempt that.  However, in the past it caused complaints because the pictures were too “big” and some folks have antiquated computers.  Meanwhile, we have antiquated photo editing skills, so it remains to be “seen”.
For tonight, we’ll have a possibly not so quiet night at anchor across form Buzz’s Roost on St. Patty’s day, thanks to the bagpipes.  Tomorrow, we’ll do a little sight seeing around town and gather information about possible activities for Monday.

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