Thursday, March 22, 2012

slow day

A little sleeping in.
A couple cups of coffee in the bunk.
A modest, easy, quick breakfast.
Develop and use a new method of lowering the outboard engine to Barbara to mount on the dinghy.  Much better.
Reinstall dinghy seat. 
Load life jackets.
Load seat bag with pump, spare parts, etc.
Reattach oars.
Load and attach fuel tank and hose for engine which has not been run since last October.
Load empty water jugs.
Load sack of garbage. 
Load Barbara's large shoulder bag with shopping bags.
Watch Reggie's controlled fall into the rear of the dinghy. 
Watch Barbara row dinghy up-wind and up current, slowly but with great effort, "because we need the exercise".
Listen to Barbara say it's OK to use the engine now.
Listen to engine start up on 4th pull. (Love old 2-strokes)
Watch us wander all over large marina looking for dinghy dock, following confusing directions.
Listen to us being told not to tie up to the dock we find because it is the wrong one.
Watch us wander over to another dock and tie up.
Listen to us being told we have tied up to the wrong one.. but it is ok to stay.
Listen to the cruiser telling us about the local private shuttle to West Marine which doesn't ask if you belong.
Shop hurriedly for a dinghy part and groceries so we don't miss the shuttle back.
Remove outer cardboard packaging and dispose of same while waiting for shuttle.
Haul our cloth grocery sacks full of stuff to dinghy. (aren't we green?)
Take much shorter direct route back to boat.
Offload everything from dinghy. 
Have a beer. 
Put away groceries.
Barbara takes nap.
Reggie puts new part on dinghy and finishes assembling it.
Reggie joins Barbara for nap.
Wake up to have a libation and watch "Submit" slowly drift off muddy bottom as tide comes in.
Give each other Cribbage lessons
Oh look!  Its time for dinner and wine!

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  1. I can't wait to meet you two! We would be thrilled to have you trounce us in Cribbage.- Jeanne