Sunday, March 18, 2012

How will we get there?

How will we get there?
We spent 12 hours on planes and in airports. There were no real complications or surprises, so some might say it was a boring day, I choose to say it was relaxing. Our room was nice and we slept well.
This morning the adventure started. We were unable to find a car to rent. I guess most of the cars on the road must be rentals. After calling every rental company, we found one that had a car, but they wanted either an arm or a leg. We looked at plane, train and bus-some options wanted an arm and a leg, some were really inconvenient. Keep looking….how about U-Haul? As I write this, we are headed to Myrtle Beach in a 10 foot truck, loaded with our two carry-on bags! It remains to be seen if this was the best option, but it has given us the most laughs. I do have to say that the U-Haul personnel were suburb. We changed our pick up location 3 times! The problem was we didn’t know where the locations were and how best to get there.  We finally settled on walking a block, a bus ride to the Rosa Parks bus terminal, a 45 minute wait, another bus ride to a local mall, and then the friendly U-Haul dealer locked his shop to come and pick us up. He didn’t want us to have to cross the express way carrying our luggage. We tried to convince him that we really could walk the couple blocks, but I think he was concerned about our abilities, given the trouble we had deciding where to pick up the truck.
Oh, yes, I almost forgot. We were sure to have the exact amount for the bus ride, which is a rule, but when we got on the bus the kind driver told us we didn’t have to pay. I guess we look our age, even if we don’t act it.

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