Wednesday, March 21, 2012

arrived Charlston

Arrived in Charleston with the thunder storm. The anchorage was exposed to the south, which is exactly from where the wind and waves were coming. Not a fun place to be and it looked like it would be getting worse before it got better. We opted to go up the ditch a little to get out of the weather and dropped anchor just past the bridge. Reggie says we anchored here before, but I guess I wasn’t with him on the trip?? After we were secure and peeled off our jackets, we sat down to a snack and libation. The rain stopped the sun came out and all is well. We may stay put for the night or move back into the Charleston Harbor, who knows.
Last night we anchored in Graham Creek, in a wildlife preserve. There were lots of birds and they were the only real wild life there was. We were not very wild. We were puzzled by the little “orangeish” fish that sort of rolled on the surface. Was something trying to get them? Or were they busy getting their meal? As we were pulling anchor, a friendly little ray fish waved at us with one wing, rolled over and waved with the other one, back and forth, back and forth. “Orangeish” fish mystery solved-we feel badly about not being more friendly to the little rays.  

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