Saturday, March 24, 2012

Charleston 23 march 2012

This morning we prepared to do the tourist thing in Charleston. This involved a dingy ride to the dock and a shuttle ride to the visitor center, where we learned a little bit about the city, watched a women making sweetgrass baskets, purchased a guide booklet to do a walking tour and then took the trolley to the City Market. The Market is typical, with booths of crafts, food, pottery, etc. Sweetgrass baskets everywhere. They are amazingly beautiful and quite expensive. I’m sure that they take a really long time to make and we were told that some of the grasses are becoming harder to find. I wish we would have remembered to take a picture of them to share with you.
We have learned that it is often a good idea to take some kind of city tour in order to get a lay of the land and discover where we might want to go visit in more depth. We decided the horse drawn tour would be fun. This included several churches, for which Charleston is noted, and lots of single houses. The single houses were designed to be a single room wide for maximum air flow. There is a portico (porch) all along one side with a door from the street as the main entrance, the portico being one of the nicest “rooms”. (Hope that is a good word picture, because we forgot to take a picture with the camera.) The next stop was for a cold libation and a chance to sit down to develop our plan of action. It turns out that we saw most of the places suggested while letting Barry pull us around. Here is a picture of Reggie “on the walking tour” accompanied by a glass of microwbrew Stout.

I guess we are not city folks. I’m sure that the shopping would be great, as there appeared to be many unusual shops and the architecture was interesting, but our knowledge is limited. We would have had more fun if Colin had been with us.
Continuing south.

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