Monday, February 3, 2014

not much to report today?

Not lots to report today. 

The rental car is turned in. 

When we arrived the temperature was 29.  Today we saw 86!  Did someone say something about a foot of new snow at home?

Provisioning is done.  Barbara found places for everything even with the inside of the boat in a shambles.  I, of course, haven’t a clue where anything is.

Water tanks are full. 

New foam has been added to the dinette cushions. 

The 4 old lower chainplates have gone to the machine shop for duplication.  I’m told 3-4 days at about $90 each.  The old lowers were 3/16” thick by 1 ¼” wide 304 stainless.  The new ones will be ¼” thick by 1 ½” wide 316 stainless, probably double the mass of the old ones.  We’ll never have to worry about them again.  Go big or stay home!?

The new Trojan T125 batteries arrived today.  Now I’m contemplating greasing up to slide down into the bowels of the boat through a hole which just barely fits when I am 5o lbs lighter.  Then, picture 370 lbs going up and down a 225 lb rated aluminum ladder at least 4 round trips to haul the old T105’s down and the new T125’s up!  Maybe I should install the boom and rig a block and tackle?  In case I cannot get out of that hole?

The Emergency Position Indicating Radio Beacon (EPIRB) battery was two y ears past its replacement date.  It now has a new battery and certification and is supposed to be guaranteed to run for at least 48 hours if the boat sinks.  How comforting.

During our wanderings yesterday we stopped for a late lunch at Maggiano’s Italian Restaurant in Jacksonville.  It turned out to also be dinner.   And dinner tonight.  And tomorrow!  And tasty, too.

We found an additional job for Barbara to do when she goes up the mast.  She is delighted to know the trip will really be worthwhile!  They won’t let her go up while we are “on the hard”.  We’ll have to wait until “Submit” is launched.

Our friends Brian and DawnAnne arrived today to resurrect “Conchtown Lady” for another cruise.  We may get into an evening of trouble with them, and may travel in tandem for a while if Brian can wait for us to finish repairs. 

Friends Gordon and Susan may need chaperones for an evening of entertainment.

We hope to take Steve of Monkey Fist Marine/ to lunch or dinner to help fend off starvation!

Lending tools, borrowing tools.  Long conversations about repairing versus changing engines.  Discussions about the merits of composting heads and their operation.  Suggestions about where to go eat.  Waiting your turn for the shower.   Dropping off and picking up books and treasures at the exchange table.  Ah, the life of a cruiser stuck in the boatyard!

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