Sunday, February 16, 2014

The Plunge

Yesterday was a little windy, but a lot warmer, so Submit decided to get into the water. She bravely strolled to the dock and gingerly dipped her keel into the blue (well, not really blue more like brown, but you get the idea). There was some hesitation and then she slowly eased down to her bottom. She was afloat. She hung on to the straps for quite awhile and then with sputter and a gasp, was pulled further out the pier and secured for the night. It just seems right to look out and see water.

We are thankful the excellent crew which encouraged and assisted her to take the plunge. Here are a couple of pictures of the event.

Here is Tracy resting in preparation for the task, but then you can see that she is up for the job.

We won’t be heading out today, as Reggie needs to ‘bleed’ the engine. Bleeding an engine is not anything like attaching leaches, but he is looking forward to it about as much. The engine battery is also an issue. No clue. “Whas up wid dat?” It reads fully charged and ready to go, but stays quietly sleeping. We may have to make a stop a West Marine today when we go to pick up fresh produce and protein. That will be the last run with wheels. We did laundry last night and while it was drying had BBQ with our friend Steve.  I’ve been spoiled because we have been eating out so much. We are usually quite tired and there is always tons of stuff to move in order to get into the refrigerator, then move it again to get to the stove, and again to clear the table so we can sit down to eat. Playing house is much more fun for me when everything is in its place. Ah, the trials and tribulations, the joys and jocularity.

While Reggie does those ‘blue’ things, I’ll be ‘pink’, ie. cleaning and stowing. The rest of the jobs can be done in route, so “The Lord willing and the creek don’t rise” we will push off in the morning.

And now a word from Reggie.
My contribution started  with making sure the mast and rigging were tuned after installing the new chainplates and disconnecting the forestay with furler for launch.
Next was the battery mystery.  There was nothing wrong with the battery.  I missed one of the cables when re-connecting after 9 months of storage.

Well, the blood letting did not help.   Our “new” diesel engine turns over fine but refuses to start.  I’m beginning to suspect the fuel lift pump.  I have one or two things I can try before flying the white flag.

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