Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Rock House Creek

We are anchored tonight at Rock House Creek, just inside Ponce Inlet, Fl.  When we were here about a year ago, it was to witness the wreck of the “Primrose”.  She was a fine lady.  We are glad we are just passing through this time.  We intend to avoid the same fate while passing through the same area of shifting shoals.

Resident limericktitionist Ray had the following comment about our “git-away”:

Git means Disaway, stead of Dat,

Been here long 'nuff, time to skat,

Set sails when we have to,

An' check yer Honey Do

Bahamas NOW, Reggie, that's that!


Today saw a late start.  We decided to forego a good, safe, deep anchorage at Fort Matanzas, where we had anchored 3 times before, to make a few extra miles last night.  Then we found ourselves with limited choices, none good.  We awoke to a boat sitting in the mud, listing 30 degrees to port and 10 degrees bow down, with the tide not quite done falling.  There was nothing to do but gimbal the stove to make morning coffee, have a light breakfast, enjoy the scenery and do a couple little jobs while waiting for the tide to come back in.  A nice gentleman in a fishing skiff came by to chat and offered to carry our anchor out to deeper water to help us kedge off.  It was a help to us, but he may have regretted it as the 45lb anchor plus yards of 5/16 chain lowered to his boat.

The rest of the day saw sunshine and blue skies.  The temperature was just right until the wind came up in the afternoon, on the nose, of course.  We dropped anchor at about 5pm after about 45 miles travel for the day.  Barbara whipped up a tasty dinner which went down well with a glass (or two) of cabernet.

Tomorrow we pass through “Mosquito Lagoon” on our way south.  A good run south would have us nearing Eau Gallie and Melbourne where we dealt with a 10 day delay for repairs last year.  It was a nice area, but we hope not to spend as much time there this trip!

We are about 170 miles from Lake Worth in West Palm Beach, FL, which would be our first opportunity to cross over to the Bahamas.  Weather becomes the big deal at that point.  If good crossing weather will present itself within 2 or 3 days, we’ll cross over to the Abacos.  If not, we may head farther south to Fort Lauderdale or Miami and cross over to Bimini.  Who knows?

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