Wednesday, February 12, 2014

update 2/12/14

Just sitting here with a glass of wine after dinner. It is raining, but the heater is keeping us warm. I know we haven’t done an update for awhile, but not much has been happening. We have been waiting for parts (mostly the chain plates), so we have messed around with non essential projects and eating out and shopping. I actually cooked dinner tonight and I don’t know when I last did that. So, life is pretty good for me J.

We worked on the companion way hatch doors—progress, but not done. We installed the easier water fill for the batteries! That was a job that I’m happy to have simplified.

The lower chain plates arrived yesterday afternoon. After my two cups of coffee, delivered to me in bed, I told Reggie to get cracking on those chain plates! I think his ‘bum’ is a littler tonight, as he worked it right off today! Three of the four lowers are completely installed and the uppers have been removed and taken to the machine shop as a pattern for the two new ones. They may be ready tomorrow and, if the weather isn’t too bad, he will be able to start that installation process.  (technical input:  new lowers 1.5” x ¼” versus old 1.25” x3/16” and of 316 stainless versus old 304 stainless and 5/16” bolts versus ¼” old bolts.  New uppers 2” x ¼” versus 1.5” x ¼” and upgraded to 316 and upgraded to the larger bolts.  All much beefier and more corrosion resistant.  Through deck holes increased in size then backfilled with thickened epoxy to prevent any leak from reaching wood core material.)

A set of crows feet were purchased to help remove the transmission.  They didn't work.  Reggie modified one of his wrenches and was able to do the extraction. There is a chance that someone will be here tomorrow to look at the transmission. The leak is sort of a mystery.

I mostly cleaned up messes and was finally able to put some things away, like our clothes! So glad that I don’t have to move them from the bed to the closet, to the v-berth, to the… well, you get the idea.

Two nights ago, we walked to the ‘Pond’ with Brian and Dawn Ann to eat a late dinner, only to discover it was closed. We had no car and there was nothing else within walking distance. Try to finding some place that would deliver or cook? Started asking about delivery, as we were all tired. Pizza seemed to be the only option, which didn’t light us up. However, Susan and Gordon saved the day by offering their car. We had a very nice Italian dinner and no cooking or dishes. Last night Rose and Tom asked if we would like to go with them for Happy Hour beer and wings. Duuhh! They have been cruising for 7 or 8 years and are now thinking that it is time for something else. We had a great time. Meeting new people and sharing experiences is part of what this is all about.

Brian and Dawn Ann went in the water today and will leave tomorrow. We may go in on Tuesday, as Monday is a day off for the crew here. We will only be about a week behind, so that is pretty darn good.

Barbara neglected to mention that she was down sick for a couple days and is just now getting back up to speed.  Even while sick, however, she put on several of her new cushion slipcovers.  I think they look great.  They should feel nice for me as it seems I'm getting what she had.


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  1. In the water but not moving from the dock! Our stuffing box is seized.. Brian just found more tools to work with, and the saga goes on in the cold... we may motor/sail together yet!