Monday, February 17, 2014

Submit's Lament

Submit’s Lament

"They" leave for Montana, I don't like it a bit.
They fondle Knot Ready, and I just sit!
Now they return to have their fun.
Get me wet, expect me to run.
A hissy fit, some TLC, I'll be over it. 

Thank you, Ray Verlage!  You’ve summed it up nicely.  For those of you who don't know, Ray is a Canadian friend, fellow sailor and resident limerick creator.  When he emailed me this one, his subject read "Dance with the Cal you came with"

Barbara said I should sleep on the engine no-start problem.  So, I did.  Inspiration at dawn.   Many people, including me, drive vehicles with diesel engines these days.  What is the first thing that happens when you attempt to start a cold diesel?  “Wait to Start” while the system preheats the engine intake to make it easier for the engine to start.  By now you’ve all guessed it.  Our little engine has a manual preheat, not automatic.  Operator error again.  I forgot to preheat for first startup after letting it sit for 9 10 months and nights below freezing.  I hope nobody was watching our boat this early morning or they might not have been able to keep down their breakfast as I headed to the helm in my BVD’s.  Start battery on.  1/3 throttle.  Fuel on.  Preheat for 10 seconds.  Cross fingers.  Push start button.  “Fire in the hole!”  Instant startup!  Purrs like a kitten.

Morning coffee tastes better today.

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