Saturday, February 22, 2014

Thunder and lightning


We are at mile 943 on the ICW tonight, at anchor. It was a long day heade into the wind of 10-25 miles per hour plus our boat speed of a little over 6 miles per hour.   We were running ahead of thunder storms this afternoon.  They caught up with us about 15 minutes after we anchored.

We had a chance to witness a missile launch last night at anchor from our boat.  We missed it.  Couldn’t stay awake til 9pm!  How sad it is to have reached this condition.

Total distance traveled today was 58 miles.  We started at 8AM and anchored at about 4:45 pm.  After a  while, sitting out in the wind watching a previously seen(3 times) world go SLOWLY by gets a little tedious.   We’ve talked about trying to find a marina farther south for leaving “Submit”.  It takes us a minimum of 6 days each way from Green Cove Springs to the first real jumping off spot for the Bahamas, West Palm Beach, Lake Worth Inlet.  That is two weeks of vacation almost guaranteed to be spent motoring in restricted channels with little or no sailing.  Granted, it is good for a shakedown prior to departure, but we hope by now she doesn’t need that much shaking!  This will be an ongoing topic.

I tried to hail the Melbourne Yacht Club as we passed but received no response.  I wanted to thank them again for their generous hospitality last year when we had a breakdown.  Al Washka and the club were great.

We are attempting to decide where we will fuel and provision before heading across the Gulf Stream.  It may be in Stuart tomorrow or near Lake Worth the next day.  Then, we decide where and when to cross based on weather.

Almost 8:30 PM.  Yawn!

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